sabato 14 marzo 2015


PROOF OF ATLANTIS? THE STANDING STONE CIRCLES WHICH NUMBER ABOUT 2,000 IN THE WORLD HAVE ALL BEEN GIVEN A SINGLE 'BLANKET DATING' - ARCHAEOLOGISTS LAZILY PRESUME THAT EVERY SITE WAS CONSTRUCTED IN THE NEOLITHIC ERA - THAT'S ABOUT 4,800 YEARS AGO... BUT COULD THE STONE CIRCLES BE MUCH OLDER? One figure-of-eight site in Brittany in the north of France has been submerged into the sea since it was built - lazy archaeology says that the mainland was dry 5,000 years ago - but there is no conclusive proof that this is true - it is equally likely that these standing stones were erected BEFORE THE FLOOD at a time when glaciers existed in Europe and was subsequently submerged when the Ice Age ended. The stones stretch deep into the water and there has been little or no archaeological analysis of this island - in fact, the French government forbid people to step foot on it.

Two stones are carved with axes and a yoke, and one of the uprights stones has nine cup-marks (arranged to form the outline of the constellation Ursa Major). The southern submerged stone circle is horseshoe-shaped open to the east, 61m (200ft) in diameter. It is just one of many megalithic sites which we investigate in our series MEGALITHIC MAGIC on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL - check it out here and watch a ton of films banned from YouTube

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